17 march 2022

Designed to empower MYoMY x Our House


At MYoMY we believe in the power of connection, in you and me, in us as humanity. We are convinced that we are all changemakers and by joining forces and making ethical and sustainable choices we can create a fairer and more equal world. As a social enterprise, MYoMY works together with fair trade production partners to make fair jobs possible. Together we make sustainably designed bags. For example, it is our mission to make bags that create chain empowerment; from maker to carrier.


MYoMY has been a social enterprise from the beginning, which means that MYoMY is part of the social economy whose main goal is to have a social impact. For example, we work together with entrepreneurs and fair trade production partners who want to be changemakers in their own environment. We believe in long-term relationships to create a fairer world together. With the sale of MYoMY bags we facilitate fair trade jobs that give our employees a fair wage, safe working conditions and access to training and personal development.

MYoMY has been a Bcorp certified company since 2021. Certified B companies are companies that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


MYoMY bags are made of eco-leather and recycled materials. Leather is a natural material that lasts for years and only becomes more beautiful with use. And it is also a very durable material if you produce it in a controlled way. That's why the leather we use is Leather Working Group certified, which means strict compliance with all environmental regulations. The leather is tanned in a sustainable way with less water consumption and chrome and the waste streams are recycled in several stages.

The lining of MYoMY bags and some collections are made from 100% recycled PET in collaboration with Waste2Wear®. An innovator in circular materials made from discarded plastic waste bottles. In this way we prevent growing garbage dumps and give waste a new purpose. We are always working on new innovations and materials to design high quality collections that are made to be loved for years to come. You will now also find our first AppleSkin collection at MYoMY, made from waste residue from the apple juice industry.